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Live Webinar & One on One Coaching PACKAGE

Live Webinar & One on One Coaching PACKAGE

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If you want to ensure you have all the necessary tools to launch a successful short term rental, this is the best option. 

You will attend the live webinar and receive 4 private one hour coaching sessions. 


  • Live 1-3 hour webinar via video with other individuals eager to learn the short term rental business. 
  • Learn the pros and cons of different types of properties, location, amenities, interior design plans, ways to make your property unique, furnishing your property, booking platforms, calendar syncing between platforms, pricing strategy, city requirements and restrictions, short term rental insurance, cleaning, how to turn over units
  • Question and Answer segment 
  • Webinar will be recorded 
  • Shopping list for furnishing your short term rental 

*"How to Launch A Successful Short Term Rental" DOES NOT teach you how to obtain your short term rental property. It helps you to launch your rental successfully AFTER you have obtained the property.* 

**Results are not guaranteed.**

***All sales are final, no refunds.***

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